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Medium CopperCholla™ Pendant with necklace and black velvet gift bag. Please choose necklace type and length.

Cholla Cactus (pronounced “choy-ya”) is native to the southwestern U.S.A. and northern Mexico and is considered one of the desert’s most precious inhabitants. CopperCholla™ pendants are handmade Cholla wood jewelry individually plated in pure copper preserving the wood’s natural grain and flowing beauty. Inside each unique pendant is a core of Cholla wood, hand collected from the desert floor and shaped before our custom electroplating process layers pure copper onto the wood surface. Sealed in jewelry coating to preserve the brilliance and intricacies of each piece, CopperCholla™ pendants invoke all the color and light of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts.

Medium Copper Cholla Pendant

SKU: 0153
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