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CrystalCholla™ Pendant with necklace and black velvet gift bag. Please choose necklace type and length.

CrystalCholla™ pendants are grown in special electroforming tanks in our Hawthorne, California studio. These pure copper crystals are the result of our distinctive process and days of patient growing time. Each CrystalCholla™ crystal (pronounced “choy-ya”) is unique; no two are alike. When ready, the crystals are removed from the tank and treated with a seven-step electro cleaning and drying process. Some crystals are immediately sealed in jewelry coating to preserve the brilliance and intricacies of the crystal structure, while others are left to naturally darken before sealing. The red patina seen on some crystals results from heating the crystal to 1800 degrees F (1000C) and quenching in boiling water to create deep red, purple and orange hues.

Copper Crystal Pendant

SKU: 0098
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